Health Interoperability

We ensure the intelligent integration of patient, physician, laboratory, hospital and medical device data.

What we offer?

A platform of services and products to achieve simple, efficient and standards-based integrations (HL7, FHIR, DICOM, openEHR, OMOP, etc.) reducing costs and development time.

Partners and experts in Mirth Connect

More than 15 years of experience

Consultancy, Development and Specialised Support

Advanced Dashboard

Optimisation plugins

Cutting IT Costs: By simplifying data integration and reducing reliance on multiple systems, we help you lower overheads and enhance the value of your IT investments, contributing to a more economical and sustainable healthcare technology environment.

Boosting Efficiency: Our solutions streamline healthcare data integration, reducing complexities and enhancing system performance. This leads to accelerated processes, fewer errors, and more time for patient-focused care, significantly boosting overall operational efficiency in your healthcare organization.

Reliable Data Interchange: Experience unparalleled reliability in healthcare data management. Our services provide secure and seamless data interchange, enhanced by thorough monitoring for consistent data integrity and optimal system performance, ensuring efficient and dependable healthcare operations.

Certified team: We have more than 30 highly qualified professionals with experience in healthcare interoperability. Staff certified in HL7, OMOP and FHIR.


Mirth Connect Community

For the most cost efficient integrations. HL7-based interoperability access version excellent for solving the most common needs.

Mirth Connect Premium Gold

To have access to a secure communication of your data, improve the traceability of your developments and many other advantages.

Mirth Connect Premium Platinum

To obtain all the advantages of Gold and also have high availability and scalability performance.

Advanced Dashboard

To incorporate real-time technical and functional monitoring of your integrations. Allows the measurement of technical and functional KPI’s on demand.

Custom plug-in

For an optimised use of the database, increasing the performance of the integrations.

We are one of the official partners selected by Nextgen, manufacturer of Mirth Connect


Expert consultancy
To analyse and align your integrations to market standards to strategise, plan and optimise the use of interoperability solutions, adapted to the specific needs and objectives of healthcare providers.

Development of integrations on Mirth Connect
Developing specific libraries for the most complex cases if necessary.

Dedicated support for interoperability solutions
Providing focused, ongoing support to ensure smooth implementation, address technical challenges and maintain optimal performance of interoperability solutions. We offer 24x7x365 service.

Advanced data normalisation
Specialising in transforming disparate healthcare data into a standardised, OMOP-compliant format. Our service ensures consistent data representation across systems, facilitating interoperability, improving data quality and enabling more effective data analysis and decision making in healthcare environments.

Expert training in Mirth technology
Provision of comprehensive and specialised training services on Mirth Connect, equipping healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to maximise the benefits of this leading interoperability platform. In English and Spanish.

We manage integrations


million messages per month


different applications


health centres



Our proprietary methodology for interoperability development is strategically designed to drive measurable results, ensuring that we consistently meet and exceed key performance indicators such as integration success rate, system uptime, and data accuracy:

Integration Success Rate: Measures the percentage of successful integrations out of total attempts, highlighting the reliability and effectiveness of your services. (99%).

System Downtime: Tracks the amount of time systems are non-operational due to integration processes. Lower downtime indicates higher efficiency and less disruption. (99%).

Integration Development Timeframe Efficiency: We meticulously track the time from initiation to completion for each integration project, aiming to optimize and reduce the development cycle. This KPI reflects our efficiency in delivering functional, ready-to-deploy integrations within streamlined timeframes, ensuring rapid and effective system enhancements for our clients. (96%).


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Health Interoperability